Thursday, November 03, 2005

Canadian Government Antics

If i were to steal money from my company i would be fired and all my benefits including pension would be terminated. I could even face jail time
However if i am a Liberal MPP or even the ex-prime minister and charged with directing funds to others ( stealing !!) they are not worried as they are above everyone else and will only get verbal thrashings about their antics. (a hand slap)

When will Canadians smarten up and hold the government TRUELY accountable for every dollar they spend.
I will never pay enough taxes in my lifetime to cover what this Liberal government has truely wasted.
And Jean Chretien will be known as the most corrupt Prime Minister of all time (even beating Mulroony)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shopping spree in Ohio

We were to head eastward and see the colour of the vermont/new hampshire autumn, and do some shopping.
All we heard about was flooding in the area, so a last minute decision was made to drive to Ohio.